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Fresh Pixel has been one of Vancouver’s Best WordPress Website Designers since early 2016.  We started in 2011 and thru the years, we’ve built up a large portfolio of WordPress Websites, Branding Clients and Marketing clients.

Forte Maintenance Management is one of those clients that started out as a small business client and has grown into a website/marketing and SEO client.

The Challenge: Build A Responsive WordPress Website and rank locally for the services.

We were challenged by the owner to develop a professional website for his B2B property management company and to have that company rank in his local area in Georgia.

Designing the website was the easy part, ranking a brand new domain with no authority, well – we knew it would take work.

WordPress Website Design

The sites boasts a modern, very clean, easy to navigate design and focuses on Forte Maintenance’s customer commitment.  Forte had already established themselves in this area, those that worked with them, loved them.  For us, it was building on that foundation and growing their reach  thru SEO.

It took us approximately 3 weeks to complete the site.  Services included Responsive WordPress Website Design, Brand Reinforcement, Copy writing and that all important SEO Component.

WordPress Website Design

Initial Results:

The website was officially launched in April of 2019 working on various areas to improve traffic.  It’s important to note that in this case, no paid SEO was used.  We focused on organic SEO driven by the copy and onsite SEO of the WordPress website.

Within 6 weeks, we successfully had Forte Maintenance on the first page for 7 different first level keywords/searches.  We did not use AdWords, Facebook or any other paid source.

Consistency and correct copy writing and page setup on the website design paid off.

WordPress Website Design

The Bottom Line:

We increased Forte Maintenance’s SEO results by over 3000%, starting from nothing and having them rank with some of the largest competitors in Atlanta.

Success!  While we are still working to develop their initial improvements, we are thrilled at the initial results. Most important, how pleased the team at Forte Maintenance is with our work.

We strive to achieve the best we can for each client.  There are times like this one when each objective is met successful and most importantly quickly.


Fresh Pixel Design and Branding is a Vancouver Website Design Company focused on creating memorable experiences for your clients. Using proper Website Design, compelling story telling and strong branding visuals.

You’re welcome to read thru what our clients in their own words.  If you’d like we’re always happy to chat, you can contact us for a complimentary assessment of your current needs.