Small Business Branding

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You have a great new idea and you’re ready to venture into the world of entrepreneurship!  Congratulations, we know first hand how intimidating that can be.

Where do you start?  How do you get recognized amongst over 1 Billion websites online today?  What does small business branding really mean?

Many people confuse logo design with Branding.  They’ll say we have our logo and ‘sort of know’ how we want our website to look.

There is more that goes behind starting your business, it’s the less ‘fun’ part but it’s important.


First and foremost – you need to know your elevator pitch.  Yes, this is old school marketing but it is critical.  If you can’t clearly and precisely tell your client in under 1 minute what sets you apart from your competitors – you have work to do!

Don’t over think this.  Sit down and brainstorm with your team!

Focus on actionable words, on emotional words that in essence defines not only what you do better but also defines your mission statement.

Jot everything down and then you can go back and start to pinpoint the key phrases/words and define a solid 1-minute elevator pitch.  This is then used to build out emotional touchpoints on your website, highlighting what you do immediately when your client arrives at your website.

Small Business Branding

Developing a simple yet powerful tagline is critical. Make it memorable like the one we created for Hayden Moran. Everyone dreams of truly loving their home. Love Where You Live evokes the feeling we wanted to achieve when people are introduced to Hayden. A sense that he understands the importance of their real estate purchase and he can relate to his client.

Simple and Effective.


Depending on your market demographic, you will need to consider the tone and message you want to consistently deliver.  No matter which market you are in, your demographic may be different.  Ensure that you have determined which demographic in the market you are wanting to connect with.

Hip and Trendy only works with that demographic, other demographics find it unprofessional or not ‘serious’ enough.  In contrast, a luxury brand with traditional messaging can be intimidating and overwhelming for the Hip & Trendy demographic.

Understanding your market and the demographics within that market is critical to your success and will be a determining factor in your copywriting.

There are some situations where you will cater to multiple demographics if this is the case for you, it is critical that messaging and visuals are planned out for all demographics.


Our small business clients often have the bulk of their copywriting completed or they alternatively hire our copywriter to write for them.

Once you have your voice and the main touchpoints, you can begin to draft out your page copy.  We give you complimentary copywriting tips that you can download here.

If you are doing your own copywriting, you’ll find this free resource helpful.  It will allow you to complete your copywriting before you begin your website design.

Small business branding is critical in setting you apart from your competitors.  Memorable, emotional messaging invokes loyalty to your brand.

Next week we’ll talk about visuals and the new trends of 2019.


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