At Fresh Pixel Design and Branding, we create memorable experiences by enabling different forms of interaction between brands and their audiences. Our team of expert marketers, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, focuses on web design, branding, custom software development, marketing strategy, and more. Our dedication to giving our clients the best results and our commitment to always provide quality services has given us the opportunity to be featured as one of the leading web designers and packaging designers in Canada in 2019, according to Clutch!

Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, works to find the most efficient development firms, consultants, and creative agencies around the world to help businesses connect with the right partners. In order to do this, they conduct interviews with former clients and they perform extensive research on each company’s industry expertise to make sure they’re identifying truly the best agencies globally. Based on their findings, we’re incredibly proud that Fresh Pixel Design and Branding has received high marks across the board, and we’re a 5-Star agency on their platform.

We are beyond thrilled with our first review on Clutch. Take a look:

Fresh Pixel Design and Branding is a Leading Agency on Clutch

Fresh Pixel Design and Branding is a Leading Agency on Clutch

Our strong worth ethic and devotion to helping businesses thrive online has also earned us some recognition on Clutch’s two sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest, which is another platform that offers buyers guidance in selecting an ideal business partners, has us listed amongst the best brand consultants in Canada in 2019. On Visual Objects, where buyers can see visual examples of our work via an online portfolio, we’re featured as a leading web design company in 2019.

We are extremely grateful to the Clutch team for regarding us so highly and to our clients for sharing their experiences. We are looking forward to growing our presence on Clutch! And thank you to everyone that’s supported the Fresh Pixel team over the years. We can’t wait to keep growing as a company.