As one of Vancouver’s Best Website Design companies, we have been committed to our clients since 2012.  We have also had the privilege of working with companies in the USA and around the world.

Continuing to grow our service offerings, we have strived to learn with each client what we can do better.  We have known for some time that small businesses really struggle with the dollars needed to have a professional ‘face’ online and we’ve been working to specifically address this.

Free Website Design

Professional, responsive Websites are not an option for business, they are a mandatory requirement.  It is your online image and it needs to be a good one.  In the past, we have shied away from monthly payment plans or promotions for various reasons.  Thankfully, we have now grown to where flexibility is now an option and we can extend that to small business owners.

We truly love working with our clients and we’re confident that our work stands out amongst the crowd.  Knowing this, we are putting our work where our mouth is.

Free Website Design

With the Free Website Design, you’ll be able to see your companies new responsive website live before paying a cent.  We will also allow you 14 days to receive feedback from colleagues and clients allowing you to make an informed decision.  From there, you will have the choice to include SEO and what payment plan will work best for you.

If you’d like to learn more, simply visit the promotional page here for a full list of what is included as well as various pricing options that are now available.

Stand out Amongst the Crowd.  We build memorable emotional connections with your clients.

Free Website Design


Fresh Pixel Design and Branding is a Vancouver Website Design Company focused on creating memorable experiences for your clients. Using proper Website Design, compelling storytelling, and strong branding visuals.

You’re welcome to read through what our clients say in their own words.  If you’d like we’re always happy to chat, you can contact us for a complimentary assessment of your current needs.