If anyone took the time to watch Mark Zuckerberg‘s keynote at the F8, you must be wondering where that leaves small businesses and advertising.

It certainly appears that it will at least have an initial impact on the algorithms as the majority of people in our opinion will opt to secure their accounts when prompted, leaving the algorithms and the data they previously collected virtually useless.

Understanding that, you must be prepared in our opinion to get your ‘boots back on the ground’. It is and was never a good idea to put your marketing eggs all in one basket but we do understand that with the ease of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google, it was a hard option to ignore.

We also suggest that you utilize your Facebook campaigns and benefit from any data you can until they roll out that update which is anticipated in early summer.

With that information, you can begin to build out a more traditional marketing plan including personal introductions to those that have shown interest in your business as well as various forms of online brochures that you can incorporate into your business pages.

It’s also important to note that while people will need to be aware of caching their history’s (at least our understanding of the new update) and if that is correct, we do believe people will naturally stop doing that over time and data will be collected.

We also believe Facebook and Google will not be able to gauge what the long term affects will be at this time.

Make no mistake, the way you advertise on line is about to change and people’s privacy will now take center stage and be there for the foreseeable future.

We have always believed in making a memorable, authentic personal connection to your clients, with the changes about to take place, that has never been more important.