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Branding. Set yourself apart and stand out.

As a website design and branding company, we work with a lot of startups.  Companies who haven’t quite found their voice and need assistance setting themselves apart from a sea of competition.

The most important thing we tell our clients. “Think like your client“.

We naturally want to think (and often design) what we like, what we would like to see, however, that doesn’t always fit what the consumer wants.  It’s critical that you look at your brand through the eyes of your consumer.  if you have to explain your company, to be honest – the message isn’t strong enough for a client.

They don’t know you.

Imagine meeting someone at a party.  They don’t know what you do or who you are.  They can get a sense of those things by how you’re dressed, how you speak but without a clear introduction – they are guessing and you never want someone to guess your value in terms of your brand.

Get feedback from someone other than your friends.

Many clients come to us and say they asked friends or colleagues for feedback on their business model.  That is great and you will need their support through the early days of your business.  The downside, it’s often difficult for friends or close colleagues to give honest feedback and they already know you.  Chances are they have heard you speak about your new business, they have heard the elevator pitch over a glass of wine or while in a meeting.

If you really want a clear indication of how your message is being received with those that matter most – ask them!

Putting together a focus group is the best way to really understand your consumer.  How they feel when they look at your website, your offerings, your social media.  Are they hearing the message you’re trying to deliver?

To be successful, they are the ones that matter – ask them!

Challenge yourself 

Avoid the ‘but I’m right syndrome’.  The best thing you can do is open your mind to the feedback you receive and don’t be afraid to challenge your own perception.

A strong, well-executed brand leaves a lasting, memorable impression and success lies within memorable.

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